DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

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The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day, which means we’ve got about two weeks to come up with something special that tells the most important women in our lives just how much we appreciate them! The thought might seem overwhelming, but even small, homemade gifts mean a lot to our dear moms. In fact, they might mean the most because they know you put your time and effort into it! Here is a list of simple DIY crafts that make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.



  • Sugar Scrub


This soothing scrub will leave mom as soft and sweet smelling as one of her own babies. And it only takes five minutes to make!

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin & A Princess


  • Bath Bombs


I don’t know a mom, or even a woman, who doesn’t love bath bombs. Check out this kit from YouTuber Karina Garcia, it’s a perfect at home project for kids of any size!


  • A Jazzy Journal


Decorate a notebook with origami paper to change a journal from drab to fab! Leave a heartfelt note on the first page for an extra touch of love.

Get the tutorial at Sarah Johnson


  • Stamped Tea Towels


Dip sliced lemons and oranges in paint and use them to decorate plain kitchen towels! Super simple, super cute.  

Get the tutorial at Making Home Base


  • A Blossom Bag


All you need for this pounded flower tote is a few colorful flowers from your backyard and a hammer! Well, maybe some arm muscles, too.  

Get the tutorial from DIY Candy


  • A Cupcake Bouquet No guarantee that this bouquet will last very long, but these sweet lemonade cupcakes are pretty and delicious!


Get the tutorial at A Million Moments


  • Charming  Succulent Save your tin cans for this DIY project! With pretty plant and a watercolor label you’ve got a simple yet beautiful gift that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts
  • Beautiful Bottles Take dollar store jars and vases and transform them from blah to beautiful! With a little colorful craft paint, this project is simple and fun. Add family photos for an extra touch.


Get the tutorial at Eighteen25


  • Long Lasting Bouquet


Looking for a bouquet that will last longer than a few days? With a little color these coffee filter flowers become the perfect peonies!

Get the tutorial at One Creative Mommy


  • Sweet Smelling Sachets


You can put these lavender filled sachets in dresser drawers, on closet shelves, or in linen closets to keep your clothes and linens smelling great!

Get the tutorial at Kimberly Layton


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